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  • 10 million users 

  • Over 200-400 million daily trading  volume

  • Pre-trade basis Fees: 0,00 - 0,26 %

  • Portuguese (Brazilian) language Accepted

  • Over 30 million users 

  • Over 10 billion  daily trading volume

  • Trading fees: 0,1 - 0,2 %  

  • Offers Crypto-BRL trading

  • 16+ languages supported

  • 5 million users 

  • Over 2 billion daily trading volume

  • Tiered Trading Fee structure : 0,01 - 0,2%

  • Portuguese (Brazilian) language available


Binance has become one of the best Bitcoin purchase site within just 3 years. The exchange has over 30 million users with a significant presence in Brazil. The story of the exchanges started when founder when Changpeng Zhao started this company to provide best services for the crypto traders. Currently, it is a global phenomenon with billions of trades each day. Binance offers a better ecosystem with easy to access trading platform and cheaper trading fees. The ecosystem is made in a way that any global user can safely trade without the fear of losing anything. The company is now settled in Malta and considered the largest crypto exchange in the world.

Binance not only offers the Brazilian users a cheaper trading fee but also a native coin for a 25% discount. The native coin is known as BNB. Moreover, buying crypto using Brazilian Real is allowed inside the platform

  • Buy Crypto using Brazilian Real (BRL)

  • One-click buy and sell services

  • Best Peer-to-Peer services

  • 2% cashback for Mastercard

  • Very low trading fee (0.1%) in comparison 

  • Native BNB offers 25% discount

  • Easy-to-use trading platform

  • Very fast transaction speed

  • Derivative trading halted in Brazil

  • Privacy issues

  • Regulation issues

Similar to Binance, Huobi is a well-reputed crypto exchange with large market shares globally. It is also a major competitor to other large crypto exchanges in Brazil. Huobi started its journey in 2013 as a top place to purchase Bitcoins. In 2018, news sources confirmed that Huobi setting up operations in Brazil. The company shifted its efforts towards the Brazilian market since relocating the Headquarters in Singapore. The founder Leon Li marked Brazil as a potential market and wants to compete with all the local and global exchanges in the region.

With an effort to increase the market share Huobi offers its own Token called HT. This coin helped the coin to improve user loyalty. Huobi started the coin in 2018 provides one of the best discounts in the industry.

  • One of the largest crypto exchanges in terms of Volume

  • Serving the Brazilian market for years

  • Great platform for both professional and beginner traders

  • 20% buyback of Huobi Token for user protection

  • Higher liquidity for trading

  • Margin trading available in Brazil

  • Flexible leverage

  • Tiered trading fee structure

  • Brazilian Language available 

  • Trading fee without native token can be higher

  • No public blockchain

Kraken is a safer alternative for purchasing Bitcoin in Brazil. It is famous all over the world for consistently rated as a secured cryptocurrency exchange. Kraken, with higher trading volume and liquidity, helped Brazilian investors to take Bitcoin trading to the next level. The company was founded in the U.S in 2011. Since then it was never been hacked. Moreover, Kraken helped large scamming exchange liquidation as a part of providing trust to the users. The pre-trading based fees of the exchange are quite suitable for users trading in Brazil.

  • Highest security for Brazilian crypto-traders

  • Brazilian language available

  • Pre-trade basis fees 0%-0.26% are quite suitable

  • Global support

  • Better liquidity for trading

  • Proven safety measures

  • 200-400 million daily volume

  • Earn rewards by staking coins or fiats

  • Withdrawal limits for fiats

  • Account verification can be improved

  • Not the best exchange in the Latin America region

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What is Bitcoin?

Launched in 2009, Bitcoin (₿) is the first digital asset in the financial world. It is a new kind of decentralized currency that eliminates intermediaries. It is a technological marvel for having an in-built cryptographic system. The cryptographic system works as a public ledger for the currency making it much safer than the traditional fiat currency. Satoshi Nakamoto is the inventor of this digital currency although his real identity was never revealed in the last 10 years. The mysterious person Satoshi developed a revolution in the digital currency world which is yet to replace the fiat system. However, due to worldwide pandemic situations, experts are seeing a strong future of Bitcoin within the next decade.

- Bitcoin is built on an open-source Blockchain network
- The currency has a trading symbol known as BTC

- Anonymous in nature
- Private keys for security
- Supply is limited to 21 million Bitcoins

- No central authority


- No banks as intermediaries


- 12.5 Bitcoins are supplied for 10-minute mining

To learn more about crypto check What is Cryptocurrency?, Top Places to buy Bitcoin or Buy Bitcoin.

Convectional Money Transactions

Conventional money is also known as fiat is a government legal tender. It is the globally accepted form of money. Central banks print paper-backed cash for the citizens to use as a payment solution. The currency can be used for investment, savings, and purchases. Banks as intermediaries are expensive. Moreover, bank heists reduce the value of the savings of investors over time. The supply of fiat is also unlimited creating problems in the economy.

Bitcoin Transactions

Unlike the fiat systems, Bitcoin has a limited supply, no central authority, and no intermediaries. Bitcoin uses exchanges to allow investors to purchase or sell the currency using fiat or other cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, the safety of the currency is on the hands of a Blockchain network. The network gives faster and cheaper transaction support even during borderless payments. 


Cryptocurrency Risks

High Volatility

Bitcoin markets have proved to be crazy in the last few years. The market saw almost $20,000 all-time hi prices in just a year. However, prices fell to $3,500 in the subsequent months as the fear and greed of the investors made it highly volatile. Many investors consider Bitcoin as quick money-making scheme and lose everything instead. Since it is a digital form of our fiat system the emotion of the traders can’t be predicted like traditional markets. Hence, it is advisable that long-term investment can be more profitable than the short-term opportunities in Bitcoin.

Lots of Scammers

Many Bitcoin exchanges are open to scamming and hacking. From electronic transfer to digital wallets every step scammers can target a user and take all the Bitcoins. But hackers have less control if the private keys are safely held by the user. On the contrary, suspicious emails, messages, and tweets should be avoided as many scammers use the methods to hack the services. 

Skyrocket Transaction Fees

Bitcoin transaction is known for cheaper fees. But some exchange tricks users to pay more transaction fees. When the fees range from 10%-50% it can be considered as a robbery fee. On the other hand, the top exchanges we mentioned here most likely to avoid any Skyrocket transaction fee. A quick review of the rates from top exchanges can help investors to save themselves from the extreme fees of the smaller exchanges.

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